Mehndi Designs for Beginners – The Best Guide to Mehndi Designs for Hands


Mehndi Designs for Beginners : Mehndi is one of the most important functions in both Hindu and Islamic culture. Any wedding cannot be complete without Mehndi. As we all know Mehndi paste is made from mehndi leaves and it said that after applying mehndi it should be kept to dry for about 24 hours at least to get the desired color on your palm. The color will get darker and look more beautiful with all those designs. After removing mehndi you need to apply Vicks of heat with cloves and make sure you do not expose your hands to water.  Below mentioned is the best guide to Mehndi designs for a beginner.

Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Mehndi Designs for Beginners

I love Simple Henna Designs and once you learn the basic steps it becomes easy to create our own new designs and keep trying. Even in your free time you can create various designs and try on a paper before you make it on anyone’s palm and for help, many designs and patterns are easily available on the Internet and YouTube.

Best Mehndi Design For Weeding

Here I would like to show the beginner version of Mehndi design. Once you master this version it is very easy to design a complex pattern. For practicing we will need henna cone to try on hands and blank paper to try the pattern roughly.

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Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Step 1: Practicing Basic Henna Stokes

When we first learn how to read and write, we are taught the basics like lines and curves and then we jump to numbers and alphabets. Same way even in henna designs we need to practice these again, like slanting line, then ‘C’, ‘U’, ‘S’ and ‘O’. Firstly we need to draw with a pen on the blank paper and then overwrite with the henna cone and then only with mehndi once you are sure of the curve and lines. You can also try some dots, and hearts. Then try to put dots in a line and leaf-like pattern or a comma like structure. Now go for a small flower. 

  • put a dot
  • then make an ‘O’/round around it
  • make petals by some ‘C’, ‘U’ like structures.
  • decorate with some lines within petals

Step 2: Design 1

easy mehndi design for beginners

Now try on your hand or someone’s hand. Draw a flower, like we practiced above. Add some more flowers adjacent to it. You can end this design by drawing till finger with a leaf-like in the end. I have drawn a big ‘S’ shaped curve and tried to close the curve with a ‘C’ then filled henna design by some fillers.

Step 3: Design 2

Beginners Mehndi Designs

Now comes a circle pattern, draw a big circle and fill it with criss-cross lines and also fill those boxes alternately with henna. Then I made line above the circle. We can also leave the inner area with a flower design, we can take the till the ring finger and give a design or cross or a leaf according to what we design inside the circle.

When you see marriage or any other function in TV serial like kulfi kumar bajewala you will find the Mehndi design which are beautiful because these all design is done by expert.

Enjoy your creativity and keep trying new designs with the help of the Internet and you can become a perfectionist if you keep trying all time. Also, try to create your own designs rather than seeing online.


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