Popularity of Arabic Mehndi Designs


Popularity of Arabic Mehndi Designs : We have always observed that during the wedding season all to be brides are busy deciding on their outfit and matching jewelry. However, all these preparations and bridal look remain incomplete without mehndi. Bride these days want designs which are unique with a modern touch in it and not so full which covers the whole hand. In these cases, Arabic mehndi will be ideal for them. it was originated in Arabian countries and it gradually gained popularity in India and Pakistan.

 Popularity of Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi is more bold and because the way it is created using a combination of dark brown and black mehndi it makes it more outstanding. They use less of red mehndi. The outline and borders of the patterns are of black color which looks more beautiful. This type of designs is suitable for any occasion. Even if you are not an expert at creating mehndi, you can still create your own mehndi at home or try it on your friends. Like traditional mehndi even Arabic Mehndi have floral art work, these designs are repeated, covering entire hand and foot and even on the back side of the hand.

Popularity of Arabic Mehndi Designs

This design is simple and looks elegant and not messy. Those who do not like mehndi or shy away from those full hand designs can try applying this style, it is not complicated but simple floral design diagonal hand front and back. The design covers the top of hands, fingers, and wrist. It can be a combination of floral, lace and paisley. On the wrist there can be a bangle like a design, it looks neither too full not too less but just perfect. A box-like pattern which looks like a net, or inverted heart pattern are some of the usual Arabic designs, they give a separate look due to its minute details which can be little complicated to create. An arch like motif makes it ideal for Eid festival and weddings. Eid is the biggest festival of the Muslims and huge celebration takes place, moreover Arabic Mehndi Designs is a symbol of Islamic culture and religion. So this simple yet unique design is suitable for Eid and other festivals of the Muslim community.

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Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi design starts from the wrist, the uniqueness is shown on the design drawn on the wrist keeping the palm free of any color. The tips are kept open too unlike the traditional mehndi patterns. Shading makes this design stand out. This can be used as a tattoo to give a modern look and it would also be loved by the teenagers. The shading on the tips and design on the middle finger can be given a special importance with multiple patterns and designs. Few designs can be full of complex patterns and small minute details. The patterns are also quite unique and will make you the cynosure of attention in the party. The tips are kept open for that unique touch. Arabic designs have always been simply looking but little difficult to create, it is known for its minute fillings, shades, and designs.


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