Simple Henna Designs – How to Make Fast and Easy Henna Tattoo Designs?


Simple Henna Designs – one thing that every women adore, not only Indians but also women from any other country who visit India loves to try Mehndi once atleast. It is not liked only because of its culture but the design and the way it looks just so beautiful.


Simple Henna Designs

It is kind of natural dye made with combination of leaves and stem of henna tree. In olden days mehndi was been made at home and now mehndi cones are readily available at stores. The art of mehndi has been spread all over the world now. They even use as temporary tattoo apart from applying on hands and feet.

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Apart from the huge and lavish mehndi designs during weddings, there are also few very simple designs that look beautiful and can be done on any occasion. It takes very less time to apply. Few simple designs are below –


  • The simplest design which is done on the thumb and the index finger. To draw attention to your hands this design is just perfect. Great for small occasions like engagement party or sangeet of friends or any distant relative.
  • Another simple mehndi design is where you apply on any one finger, if you don’t like heavy designs which cover whole palm. If you love this, it will really look good on the ring finger.
  • Mehndi on feet, it matches really well with the nail art and also looks very simple and descent. Usually mehndi on foot is applied on the bride where even red mehndi will look outstanding if added accessories are worn on the feet.
  • What if you love mehndi so much but not on your feet? No worries we can also apply just in the middle like a circle or so and not the other areas of feet just to give a sober look
  • If you are a beginner of new to mehndi designs then few designs which are small and look neat are very simple. These designs are simple and can be tried at home.
  • New mehndi has come out which is either called as black mehndi or mehndi used with glitter and stones. These additions look beautiful if you are bored of the same old color of mehndi. Stones and glitters are easily available in the market with different variations of color of our choice. It has to be applied on mehndi and beads are placed accordingly over it. Colors can be changed according to your outfit. Usage of different colored stones and beads gives the look of a contemporary bride and also look the hand absolutely gorgeous and stunning.
  • Arabic mehndi is common these days, for people who do not like their hands fully covered by the color. It is perfect for modern women, who like mix of traditional and trendy to match their current style and standard of living. It is predominantly simple and unique look for even kids who like mehndi but we do not allow them if it covers their whole palm.


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